Back to Hong Kong Part 1:

    To those of you who didn’t know, I was born in Hong Kong and moved to California in 2008. This summer was the first time in two years since i’ve been back, I just remembered I took and decided to upload them onto tumblr!

    This set of photos are of the underground trains which runs throughout Hong Kong, if you didn’t know - these trains are awesome. They can literally take you to every part of Hong Kong, and a “Hong Konger” will tell you the great uses of these trains for work, school, shopping, partying and everything else.

    To learn more:

    Obviously, i didn’t take pictures of every station, the ones I did are the ones I go to quite a bit and I felt that it was important to me on this trip:

    Jordan: I honestly got out of this station because of my friend Jordan Chung, he’s a friend I met this summer and we’re amazingly similar. He’s one of those friends you know are close to you but don’t meet up a lot.

    Kowloon Tong: Amazing place, amazing memories. Stopping at this station will lead to ” ” festival walk. I hung out here a lot in my teens. Beacon Hill School was my primary school. Alvin Ng, Daniel Mak lives here.

    Tiu Keng Leng: My canadian buddy, Nicolas Chow lives here. I found out he leagued, so I went over to his place. Love his home.

    Sha Tin: My Highschool in HK. Sha Tin College. (Its weird for you americans, don’t worry about why my high school was called a college) So many more memories. Notable people. Too many to count.

    (Apologies for the poor picture quality, it was before I bought my canon t2i)

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